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Career Counselling

Career counselling requires an investment of effort and time (between sessions as well as during sessions). It is tailored to each individual and can take place at one of our offices or online. Career counselling is a process that can help you to make informed career-related decisions. In 5 to 7 sessions, you’ll work with one of our Registered Psychologists or Career Coaches to:

  • Assess your skills and strengths, interests, personality, and values
  • Gain valuable insight about what you need in order to feel fulfilled in a career
  • Expand your career possibilities and then strategically narrow your options to the best choice(s)
  • Go beyond your assumptions and increase your awareness of the careers you are considering
  • Feel confident to take the next steps toward changing your career


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Career Success Coaching

For individuals facing challenges in their current work environment, our counsellors can help you develop effective strategies to address and overcome your career-related issues.

Common career-related issues might include:

  • A difficult boss
  • Workplace conflict
  • New job role
  • Navigating politics
  • Bullying
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Communication breakdown
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Changes in personal circumstances


Career Transformation: Translating the Warrior (Military Transitions)

This unique program has been developed for military personnel planning to enter the civilian workforce. It is based on eight years of successful career development services offered to Canadians in transition and has been customized for military members in order to support them in translating their military service experience into strengths and abilities familiar to civilians. Specifically, transferable skills mapping as well as exploration of qualities commonplace to military members, yet coveted in today’s civilian workforce, are explored.

Master’s and Ph.D. level Registered Psychologists offer this program, with added expertise from a highly experienced military leader who has successfully made the military to civilian transition. Up to 8 Career Counselling sessions and 4 Career Advising sessions are included in this program.

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Comeback Coaching (Maternity Transitions)

Comeback Coaching provides support to mothers who are returning to employment after a maternity leave or a more extended leave for raising a family. Comeback Coaching enables you to build confidence, gain clarity on your career goals, and can help you re-establish the career dialogue with your employer upon your return to work. Overall, Comeback Coaching helps you to:

  • Gain clarity regarding career goals
  • Take ownership for your career development
  • Develop a return to work plan to facilitate an effective transition
  • Bolster confidence that may have diminished due to being absent from the workplace
  • Develop strategies to effectively integrate the roles of employee and mother


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Personal Counselling

It is not uncommon for personal challenges to arise in career counselling discussions. Our Registered Psychologists are skilled at supporting broader concerns such as:

  • Stress and stress management
  • Confidence, self-esteem and/or self-regard
  • Assertiveness and boundary setting
  • Interpersonal challenges
  • Emotional well-being


Advising Services

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Career Advising

For individuals who have determined the career they want to pursue, our Career Advisor can support you with the implementation of your career plan.

Our career advising services include:


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Academic Advising

For students, or individuals considering a return to school, our Academic Advisor can help you take the next steps.

Our academic advising services include:

  • Information about post-secondary options
  • Support with application and registration processes
  • Scholarship and bursary resources
  • Learning styles assessments
  • Study skills support

Confused, unhappy, unsure about your career?

Canada Career Counselling can help you to establish a fulfilling career direction and make strategic career-related decisions. Through your work with one of our Registered Psychologists, Career Coaches, and/or Advisors, you’ll walk away from career counselling feeling confident in the choice(s) you’ve made and the steps you need to take to reach your career goal!

Based in Toronto, we serve people coast to coast in Canada. We offer one-one-one sessions in person as well as distance sessions by phone or through video/web conferencing platforms.

While Canada Career Counselling is a private organization that provides fee-based services, many benefit/extended health plans provide coverage for sessions and assessments with our Registered Psychologists.

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